Webbyr wants…

…To be the next big app

July of 11

This is quite a busy time, web devel in WordPress and Zend (uggh Zend) . Google + is up and running, I give it 5 out of 5 stars but subtract a star for the fact it doesn’t work on iOS yet. Get that s@#t running!! What else… what else… I need to help out […]

All my machinations of the week

Too much to count really. I’ve been working with a twitter mashup page. Conducting experiments with Django using Aptana Studio. Getting my jQuery freak flag flying. And wrestling the bear that is browser detection and css layout restyling for mobile web, just to name a few. In the meanwhile I have added feedburner to this […]

Hardees’ Turkey Burger

OK So it’s 480 calories but I can’t find a Hardees anywhere around me. Which is probably a good thing since they also have the 1320 calorie Monster Think Burger.

More Tiny, Brians

Who doesn’t love a good game of Brians

Enjoy Tiny Apartment

I know I did

Just begging to be an LOL cat

Suggested sequels to Eat, Pray, Love

In order of when they come out: Like, Watch, Pay – 2012 Drink, Dance, Regret – 2014 Stop, Drop, Roll – 2015 Aim, Shoot, Opps – 2016 Stop, Collaborate, Listen – 2018

Will Andy Samberg please cut his hair?

Just thought it needed to be said.

MAIN IDEA 2 – Personal Illustration II

Just getting a feel of what webbyr does. Here are some ISO Logos!